Dangerous Crossing

When the war spread to Kosovo, Sally and her volunteers brought aid to both sides of the conflict. Following a meeting with the Mayor of Pristina, Sally managed to get permission to take the convoy to Drenica where no aid was getting through.  


As the war continued to escalate, the aid agencies pulled out of Kosovo and the borders were closed. Sally brought a convoy to Northern Albania where thousands of refugees were fleeing from the fighting. Knowing there were children just across the border in desperate need of help, Sally crossed the mountains on foot to deliver medical supplies to Junik. She was taken to a besieged village to visit sick and wounded children living in cellars beneath the rubble of their homes. Serb paramilitaries were surrounding the area and Sally was asked to help the children and their families to escape across the mountains to Albania. 


As they reached the border they sat down to rest. Mothers fed their babies and waited for the signal to go on. Suddenly there was the sound of machinegunfire and rocket propelled grenades. The group raced back into the forest but a woman called Hanah and her two young children were caught in the cross fire.  Sally stayed behind to help but they were trapped for over an hour and were eventually captured. They were taken to a police station in Gjakova and Hanah and her children were released the following day. After three days interrogation Sally was sentenced to one month in prison for crossing the border without a visa. Upon her release she returned to Northern Albania and managed to trace all the children. While she was arranging for them to be transferred abroad for medical treatment, she and Liz Dack, a British nurse, were attacked by masked gunmen and Sally was shot through the leg. The President of Albania sent a helicopter to evacuate her to safety but she refused to leave without the children. She remained there for several weeks until the children were transferred abroad for medical treatment.










































The children arrive in Junik to begin their journey across the mountains 

        Four year old Marigona says goodbye to her Grandmother 

          Hannah and her daughters moments before the ambush. 

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